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What works for victims and witnesses

'No Witness, No Justice'

'No Witness, No Justice' aims to improve the experiences of prosecution victims and witnesses and ensure they are better informed, better prepared and better supported when attending court. Being a victim is very important, without the support of the victim in the prosecution, there is often no justice.

Since April 2003, all the criminal justice agencies and partnering organisations have been involved in the 'No Witness, No Justice' programme aimed at making the victim and witness experience as efficient and appreciative of individual needs as possible.

'No Witness, No Justice' puts victims and witnesses at the heart of the Criminal Justice System, providing the assistance and care where it is needed most.

The key element of implementing 'No Witness, No Justice' were the creation of Witness Care Units throughout the country. This dedicated unit provides a direct point of contact for victims and witnesses to gain information and support from the point of charge through to case completion (referred to as The Victim and Witness Service Centre in Warwickshire and West Mercia).

Currently in Warwickshire and West Mercia, more than 85% of victims and witnesses attend court to support prosecutions.  Throughout the criminal justice process they are fully supported.