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Our equality governance

Our equality and diversity work is overseen by the Strategic Diversity Group, which is reported to by the Strategic Diversity Group, Diversity and Inclusion Board (Organisation) and Diversity and Inclusion Board (Communities and Partners).

Strategic Diversity Group

This group, chaired by our Chief Constable Bangham, meets quarterly to review current equality priorities and objectives, as well as looking at national and regional issues to ensure we are better sighted on, and responding to, the emerging and evolving issues. The membership of the Strategic Group consists of chief officers, representatives from our Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs), trades union representatives and senior officers responsible for relevant strategies. There is also representation from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office.

Diversity and Inclusion Board (Organisation)

This board was established to progress our workforce action plan and ensure that West Mercia Police is working to becoming a more diverse police force. Membership includes representatives from all our staff networks, who have been heavily involved in our Positive Action activities.

The objectives of the board are:

  • To recruit, retain and develop a diverse workforce which reflects the communities we serve across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Herefordshire and Worcestershire
  • To create a working environment that values difference and fosters an inclusive workplace culture where staff feel safe, supported and valued and can be confident that they will be treated fairly.

Diversity and Inclusion Board (Communities and Partners)

This group is chaired by Warwickshire Police's Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith. Membership includes our IAGs, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner representatives, police officers and staff who are driving our work to increase confidence, build trust and encourage participation.

The board's objective is to work in partnership with key stakeholders to increase confidence and satisfaction where communities feel safe, supported and are confident that they will be treated fairly and legitimately.

The focus of the group is to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs of our communities, identifying those who are most vulnerable, and tailoring our response to meet their needs.

Strategic Independent Advisory Group

This group represents our IAGs, which are made up of trusted individuals who are prepared to listen to, observe and comment on the activities and policies of West Mercia Police. As well as local IAGs in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, there are three protected characteristic groups that offer specialist advice and guidance to police on diverse issues and the effects on their communities:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic IAG
  • Disability IAG
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender IAG.